The Platform

Babyscripts is the only Provider-delivered, virtual care model that enhances the Provider-patient relationship, outside the four walls of the clinic.

Our Value Proposition

Improved Quality

Introducing technology can have a powerful impact on outcomes if implemented the right way. Babyscripts has shown clinically meaningful improvements in patient engagement and behavioral changes, which have impacted excessive weight gain during pregnancy.

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Higher Satisfaction

Create a 21st century obstetrics experience for the 21st century mother. Through Babyscripts, patients will be happier with their Providers, more knowledgeable about their pregnancy, and feel more connected to their Provider throughout their pregnancy.

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Improved Bottom Line

Global Fees are a tough pill to swallow if your Providers are over-utilized and strapped for time. Reduce the need for in-office appointments, and rethink how you could run your practice with Babyscripts.

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How It works

Babyscripts is an enterprise-grade platform designed to enable your practice to deliver individualized, virtual care for all patients across the risk spectrum. Our platform includes three distinct modules: a mobile application which is available to all patients; the Schedule Optimization module which is available for low risk patients, and the Care Navigator module which is available for practices with patients insured by Medicaid.

The mobile application is available for all patients enrolled onto the Babyscripts platform. All patients are enrolled onto the platform by their Provider and receive the Babyscripts mobile app. The mobile app is a “to-do list” that guides patients through each gestation period with practice-specific, Provider-approved tasks related to nutrition, exercise, and other behaviors that support a healthy pregnancy.

Your practice can further deliver individualized, virtual care by leveraging the Babyscripts schedule optimization module. In addition to the mobile app, these patients will receive a “Mommy Kit.” The Mommy Kit is delivered to each patient’s home and includes an internet-connected blood pressure cuff. Patients take their blood pressure on a weekly basis and can track their progress through the app. This enables patients to track their health trends, compare their health to ideal pregnancy measurements, and permits real-time feedback and intervention. Through remote monitoring and patient education, this enables practices to safely reduce the number of times a patient comes into the office and in turn, allows practices to increase the number of patients they care for.

Providers can access and analyze their patients’ readings, as well as patient compliance metrics, through the Babyscripts Provider Portal, which is easily accessible through any internet-connected device.

Your practice can go further to support patients insured by Medicaid by leveraging the Babyscripts Care Navigator module. These patients will receive a bi-directional messaging feature within the Babyscripts mobile app that connects them with a Pregnancy Coach. The Pregnancy Coach is a chat bot developed by Babyscripts with clinical intelligence, designed to extend the reach of your team and provide a continuous relationship between you and your patients. This enables patients to ask questions about their prenatal care and receive real-time, smart feedback from the Pregnancy Coach.

Better Outcomes

The goal of Babyscripts is to keep expectant mothers healthy so that they can deliver healthy babies. Babyscripts end-to-end solution embeds evidence-based care plans, approved by the patient’s own Provider, into guidelines for the new mother. Using behavioral science and a crisp user interface, Babyscripts raises patient engagement and encourages healthy behavior while helping the practice better manage the care of their pregnancies. Additionally, Babyscripts will integrate the product into the Provider's workflow in order to improve capacity and Provider utilization.

Higher Satisfaction

"I feel as though my OB is in my pocket"

Babyscripts Patient, MedStar Health

"I love it - it's saved me so much time. This is my second and I work full-time, and the amount of time I've saved from not having to go to appointments has helped me so much."

Babyscripts Patient, Aurora Healthcare

Babyscripts is also a marketing differentiator that can be used by obstetricians to raise patient satisfaction and loyalty. We are a vehicle through which the doctor can remain in touch with the patient in order to deliver the information and advice that is necessary to guide the expectant mother through a healthy pregnancy. The patient also has the security of knowing that the doctor is monitoring her well-being between visits in order to keep her on track. In fact, we have shown that 90% of our patients surveyed felt satisfied with their Provider’s care and 67% felt MORE connected with their Provider through the use of Babyscripts.

Improved ROI

For practices utilizing the schedule optimization module, Babyscripts can potentially be used to replace routine follow-up appointments. This enables your practice, as a whole, to create up to 40% additional capacity by optimizing the visit schedule. With this additional capacity, clinicians can either see more patients, or schedule other higher margin consults. Babyscripts allows your practice to create these operational efficiencies while elevating the prenatal care experience.

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