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Improve patient compliance
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Increase patient satisfaction

The Babyscripts experience empowers patients and allows providers to truly personalize care to each of their patients. Capturing weight, blood pressure, and app data through Babyscripts allows our providers to appropriately tailor the way they deliver care to each of their patients’ specific needs.

Reclaim what's yours by optimizing your global fee reiumbursment. We'll work closely with your practice to improve your prenatal care visit schedule, replacing office visits with revenue enhancing procedures.

Patients that use Babyscripts are 100% satisfied with the care of their provider. Never before has there been an experience using not just the phone, but wifi connected devices to create a tangible relationship between the patient and her provider during pregnancy. Babyscripts is giving new meaning to what it means to have “your OB in your pocket”.

How it works

Babyscripts is a program that is delivered to patients in two parts—an iPhone App and wireless weight and blood pressure devices.

Part 1—The Mommy Kit

After signing up for Babyscripts, a Mommy Kit is delivered to the patient's home. Inside are FDA-approved, wireless weight and blood pressure devices for home use. Once the Mommy Kit arrives, a simple set-up of the devices connects them to the app. The weight and blood pressure readings are captured and processed in the app. That data can then be used to identify patients trending outside of your established parameters. Early identification of these trends can enable more timely and efficient patient care.

Part 2—The Mobile app

The app is prescribed at the confirmation of pregnancy visit. It features:

  • Daily nutritional, medical and lifestyle action items
  • An exhaustive pregnancy resource guide
  • Alerts for abnormal weight or blood pressure readings
  • ACOG-sourced content that is tailorable to your practice

No longer do your patients have to rely on "Dr. Google" for answers or even information from a friend of a friend on what they should eat during their pregnancy or how much weight she should gain. Think of it as your comprehensive care plan broken down into small bits and packaged in a user-friendly mobile app!

Babyscripts is being used by a number of leading hospitals and practices, including:

We are also lucky to have the partnership and support of such respected organizations as:

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